Welcome to Hindu Dharmasram

Dear Community Members/Devotees:


We are pleased to announce that Sree Sree Shyama (Kali) Puja will be held on  Sunday, October 27, 2019 in Hindu Dharmasram.

Event details:

Puja Start:                                      7:30 PM

Arati and Puspanjali                       8:30 PM

Shyama Sangeet and

Bhaktigeeti                                     9:00 PM

Prasad                                           10:00 PM

Nishi Puja:             11:22 PM to 12:07 Am

Priest:                  Sree Devashis Ganguli

Sponsors:          1. Sree Krishna Bandhu Das and Sreemoti Sankari Saha
                            2. Sree Kalidas Paul and Sreemoti Monika Paul        
                           3. Sree Samarendra Ghose and Sreemoti Dolly Ghose       
We cordially invite you to attend all the events with family and friends.
With best regards,
Executive Committee
Hindu Dharmasram



Please join with us with your friends,  family and relatives 

God, as stated by the Hindu scriptures, is not a matter of intellectual understanding, but the ultimate goal of every individual. One of the unique understandings in Hinduism is that God is not far away, living in a remote heaven, but is inside each and every soul, in the heart and consciousness, waiting to be discovered. Hinduism gives you the right to select your own path and allows you to realize god by self realization. Not by imposing strict rules.

The Hindu Dharmasram, Toronto is a non-political and non-profit organization formed by Bangladeshi Hindu Communities living in Toronto, Ontario. This organization was first formed in 1997 with some enthusiastic and newly immigrated Bangladeshi Hindu communities living in Toronto, Ontario. Initially it was developed with a view to extend communication and friendly relationship among the peoples of Hindu communities by worshiping different goddess of Hinduism and picnic.

In 1999, a formal committee was formed and a draft constitution was unanimously passed. The association was registered on subsequent year and the Charitable Registration number is 870894961.


According to the constitution of Hindu Dharmasram, the regular members select 15(fifteen) directors through nomination or election in every year and these directors form new Executive Committee (EC) which includes President, Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Directors. The Executive Committee together with all the members arranges to celebrate Durga Puja, Kali Puja, and Swaraswati puja each year. Hindu Dharmasram, Toronto also arranges Sattya Narayan puja in almost all the month of the year. Moreover, this organization arranges a picnic in each summer to provide a chance to get together among family members in any park of Toronto.

Besides, Hindu Dharmasram also helps new immigrants in their settlement in Canada. Members of Hindu Dharmasram also provide information to new comers on housing, children education, adult education, health care etc.

The main objectives of Hindu Dharmasram are:
To practice hinduism, worship, and maintain social, cultural, charitable and other community affair for Bengali Hindu Communities in GTA and surrounding area in their own temple.

  • To preach and promote the spiritual teaching of Hindu faith and virtues of Hinduism.
  • To foster and encourage Bengali culture and perform such activities directly related to advancement of Hindu culture and tradition.

Now, Hindu Dharmasram has become a prestigious and a popular community organization among immigrants from Bangladesh. It publishes a souvenir in each Durga Puja which provides popular articles, telephone numbers of community people and other information. Hindu Dharmasram also publishes quarterly Newsletter for their members which provide upcoming and past events, religious articles and other important information.

In the year 2010, Hindu Dharmasram has rented a facility on 1510 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough, ON and established as a temporary temple to run all the activities. Hindu Dharmasram has now statues of Sree Sree Durga, Sree Sree Kali, Sree Sree Satya Narayan, Sree Sree Saraswati, Sree Sree Radha Krishna, Sree Sree Shiva Parbati, Sree Sree Ganesh and Sree Sree Lakshmi Narayan which were donated by some of our great hearted members. The Temple is open every day after 6pm.

The Hindu Dharmasram has established its own temple. The organization has also good plan to help community people by counseling and other community services.